The Day of the Lord

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Student of biblical timelines, specifically timelines dealing in bible prophecy
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One Response to The Day of the Lord

  1. PLEASE read/see take time to just do this!

    Article “Who are the 144,000?” by Maria Marola

    Go to:
    Under Home icon
    Click on article Double Portion Inheritance
    Click onto the picture for the entire article
    Scroll half way down the article, though if you read it all…you will not be disappointed….at half way mark , you will see Titled in Red letters..”Who are the 144,000?” She distinguishes who Smyrna and Philadelphia are….and why…this to me fills in the mystery of your recent talks with Steve and Greg as they also filled in some blanks on the short time of/time lines/ and to the tribulation and the one year with Yeshua’s presence and His coming as well as the judgements coming…but the two churches of Rev referenced….I think Maria has also identified as well as when the called out ones take place…not as revealed in your recent discussions as thoroughly….man, have sought out all of the many very good teachers on prophecy over the years, and was so busy just hearing all of you, I think you all have a solid piece of the puzzle…no wonder we need each other!


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